What Readers Say…

The readers who seem to enjoy the Alpine Grove novels the most are women who have a sense of humor, like animals, and prefer sex scenes that just fade to black (not 50 shades of anything). To see the most recent books and reviews visit Susan’s Amazon author page.

You’ll see in the excerpts below about Chez Stinky that people tend say things like, it’s a good book for lovers of “light reads, chick lit, light romance and animal stories…” 

Editorial Reviews

“If you are an animal lover, a romantic, a techie, a tree hugger, or someone who just enjoys a book that helps you to escape the daily grind, then pick up a copy of Chez Stinky, you won’t be disappointed.”
     ~ Caren, Dakota’s Den

4.5 Kisses. “This book will have to laughing as you can visualize what the animals are doing. The animals are great in this book, they have their own personality, and I love that!”
      ~ Kelly, Reading in Black and White

4 Lightning Bolts. “The story made me laugh, and pulled on my heartstrings. There’s so many feel good moments, but it has emotional parts as well.”
      ~ Nikki, Storm Goddess Book Reviews

“Kat’s creative way of dealing with walking a rambunctious dog deserves to be acted out in a Lifetime Movie of the Week!”
~ Julie, JulieBestry.com

A few excerpts from GoodReads

“Chez Stinky” by Susan Daffron is a clean romance about finding what is really important in life. …I thoroughly enjoyed reading this debut novel by a talented author. ”

“I really liked the story’s evolution right from the start. I was unable to put my eReader down. 😉 All characters are very realistic and fit perfectly into the plot. … Now I am waiting for the next book in the series about Kat, Joel, and Alpine Grove – I just need to know what is going to happen next. :-)”

“A must read for all those who enjoy a little romance, respect nature. like hilarious situations.”

“A delightful and humorous story that had me laughing from beginning to end. The cast of characters, humans and animals alike, were immense fun to read about. It’s a terrific tale of how a mundane life can turn into a strange one, and how strange is more normal than the mundane life ever was. I’ve read this four times since receiving it from Story Cartel, and I still find it as lighthearted and as funny now as I did the first time I read it. I can’t wait to read more about the small town of Alpine Grove. Hopefully the following books will be as entertaining as this one.”

A few excerpts from Amazon

“This was an easy, enjoyable rather charming read. The animals are characters in their own right, not just there as scenery. Looking forward to reading more about the likeable characters and their exploits.”

“If you have or have had any pets you will relate strongly to the struggles and successes the heroine has with all the animals she must take care of. The mystery kept me reading. I couldn’t wait each day to get back to the story until I finally finished it.”

“Nice little humorous touches, a likeable heroine, and really appealing for animal lovers. Life can be too serious and this book is a fun escape and well written. Hopefully, there will be more novels from this author!”

“This book was great!!!!! I really can see it being a hallmark or lifetime movie one day!!! I’m a huge animal lover and like reading books about animals and I loved that it had a romantic side to it as well!”

Beta Readers of Chez Stinky

Part of our book development process includes working with “beta” readers. These are smart people we know who read early drafts of the book and provide feedback and comments.

Obviously, these folks are somewhat biased since they know the author, Susan Daffron, but before we had “official” reviews of the book, these were a few unsolicited comments we got about Chez Stinky from our cadre of beta readers.

“I wanted to mention that this is an excellent book — which I totally expected from you. I can really visualize all the funny and action-packed episodes you describe. Here’s a review: If you like cats or dogs, you’ll love Chez Stinky. Reading this heart-warming novel, made me cry and laugh out loud. You’ll fall in love with the quirky cast of characters. This upbeat book is the perfect summer beach read.”
~ Kathy Goughenour

“Okay, so I’d planned to read a LITTLE more in bed to fall asleep, but DAMN YOU…I ended up reading from midnight to 3:37 AM! I just HAD to know how it worked out. HA…loved the ending! It was a fun/enjoyable read with lots of giggles with the situations and the twist of words in many cases.”
~ Dian Chapman

I have been meaning to write and tell you that I zipped right through Chez Stinky.
It was hugely entertaining! Have you considered doing a screen treatment from it? My favorite characters were Kat, of course, and Linus, who was adorable. I also liked the ending a lot and the great fantasy boyfriend: a gorgeous geek (sort of) who can fix roofs and understands your dilemmas. Yum. I really had fun reading CS and I bet lots of other people will, too.
~ Carolyn Daffron

“It’s a really good story… the humor is solid, the characters coming together, the description stronger and stronger. It’s engaging and fun.”
~ Cynthia Daffron

Review copies

Review copies of the Alpine Grove Romantic Comedies are available. If you would like a review copy, please contact us for more information.