Quotations, Excerpt, and Questions


These are a few quotes from the book:

On Going Online:

As Web developers, for years we have heard people say longingly, “I want to start an online business, so I can quit my crummy job and work from home.” Or business owners will tell us that they plan to put up a Web site “when they have time.”

Of course inertia being what it is, most of them have done nothing at all. Or if they have done something about getting their online business started, they spent a whole lot of money on “get rich quick” schemes that didn’t pay off.

Let’s face it: if you were planning to become a pig farmer, it makes sense to learn something about pigs before you start. Yet people seem to think that it’s different with the Internet. They think you can just pay someone to put up a Web site and suddenly untold riches appear.

The reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

On Running Your Own Business:

If you think running your own business means you can just work in your pajamas and have lots of flexibility, you’re only seeing part of the picture. Flexibility is great. Freedom from the 9-to-5 cubicle-dweller existence means you can pick up your kids after school and avoid the commute. You can enjoy your family, hobbies, and your life outside of work.

Self-employment does have downsides as well.

On Hype:

If you have read a bunch of hype from Internet “gurus,” you now are probably completely confused. That dreck makes us insane.

Here’s a little hint that will save you a whole lot of money. All those Internet marketing “gurus” go to the same conferences, write the same testimonials for each other, and have the exact same sales pages and Web sites. All they do is change the text a little. If you pay attention, you can spot them, and avoid them.

On Web Site Design:

Design is a matter of personal taste. That’s true whether you are designing printed material, presentations, or Web pages. Nevertheless, the design of your site also says a lot about you and your business. So your design must project the right image.

If your site looks sloppy, thrown together, or out-of-date, so will you! Also, the design goals for an antique store are significantly different from an advertising agency Web site. It is important for the look of your site to accurately represent your industry, as well as your business philosophy.

Before you hire a designer or sit down to build a site yourself, you need to establish the primary design goals for your site.


Book Excerpt

Use this link to download a PDF file that contains the table of contents and the first chapter (889K).

Suggested Media Questions for Susan Daffron and James Byrd

Here are a few sample interview questions, based on the content of the book:

1. What are the biggest misconceptions about running a Web business?

2. What are some of the biggest pitfalls business owners should watch out for in going online?

3. What are the most important elements of a good Web site?

4. What questions should you ask a prospective Web developer before hiring?

5. What are some techniques you can use to promote your Web site?

6. What are the criteria for selecting a Web hosting company?