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It’s not easy running a small business when you are by yourself. As a solopreneur, sometimes it feels like you never have enough resources or time to learn everything about…everything. People say that you need a Web site, but where do you start?

Realistically, as an expert in your field, you have plenty to do every day just running your business and serving your customers.

Whether you are a…

  • Service Professional like an accountant, bookkeeper, freelance writer or editor, consultant, graphic artist, landscaper, interior decorator, coach, or speaker.
  • Medical Professional such as a doctor, dentist, chiropractor, massage therapist, nutritionist, or veterinarian
  • Sales Professional such as a realtor, financial planner, or insurance agent
  • Artist such as a musician, painter, potter, or stained glass artisan

you know that a Web site could benefit your business and expand your market beyond your local area. But if you are busy plying your trade or producing your artwork every day, you may not know a lot about the Internet or creating Web sites.

Sure, there’s a lot of information online, but who has time to go through it all? Plus, every time you try to learn about the Web, you end up dazed and confused trying to decipher all the hype and buzzwords from actual useful information.

Knowledge Is Power,
Especially When
It Comes To Business

The Internet is actually not that complicated. If you take the jargon out of the equation and explain what terms means in simple language people can understand, it’s all pretty basic stuff. Realistically, the Internet and particularly the Web have been and continue to be all about communication. That’s why email remains the most popular use of the Internet.

When it comes to Web sites, it helps to explain what the end result will be in common terminology that make sense to everybody. If you talk about making photos smaller so your Web pages load more quickly, it’s pretty clear. You don’t really need to know all the nuances of “JPG compression and interpolation.” As the business owner, it’s not really important that you know exactly HOW all the technology works, just that it DOES work, so it can meet your business goals.

But if you understand the basics of how a Web site works, the service providers you work with as you get your site online can’t talk you into buying technology or services that you don’t need or won’t do the job.

If you’ve been feeling like you need some kind of consultant or geeky friend to help you navigate the murky waters of Web business, you need Web Business Success: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Web Sites That Work.

If you have questions about…

  • Attracting new clients to your business. (What elements should you add to your site to add credibility and position yourself as an expert?)
  • Selling products online with an ecommerce site. (How do you select a shopping cart and merchant account? What features do you need?)
  • Starting an online newsletter. (How can you avoid being labeled as a spammer? What are the best services to use? How do you get more subscribers?)

Get the answers you need in Web Business Success!

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