Business Owners:
Use the Web to Extend
Your Business

If you are interested in taking your bricks-and-mortar business online or becoming a “Webpreneur,” you need solid information to help you make good choices in your new venture.

If you have spent any time online, you’ve probably read a lot of hype from Internet “gurus.” And now you are completely confused. Everyone has an axe to grind and all the buzzwords are enough to make you nuts. What is Web 2.0? Do I need a blog? (What IS a blog anyway?) Soon your head starts spinning and you have no clue what to do at all!

Our years of involvement in the online world and work on countless Web sites means we have a lot of knowledge that can help you avoid the costly misadventures our clients had to suffer before they found us.

In Web Business Success, we explain:

  • How to decide when it’s better to take the “do it yourself” approach and when it’s time to outsource a project.
  • If you do outsource, how to screen Web developers, so you don’t end up with an incompetent dud.
  • An easy way to plot out your sales-generating Web site before you spend any money on design or development.
  • The ins and outs of online payment – everything from merchant accounts, to payment gateways and shopping carts.
  • How to market your site, make it search-engine friendly, and keep your visitors coming back year after year.

When you consider how much time and money it costs to create a Web site, this book is a small investment. When you consider what a good Web site can do for your business, this book is an essential investment.

Web Business Success gives you all our best tips, techniques and insider information. This is the same information we have been giving our clients for years. Let’s face it, if you understand the basics of how a Web site works, the developers, designers, and financial institutions you’re dealing with can’t talk you into buying technology or services that you don’t need or won’t do the job.

Your Time is Worth Money;
Don’t Waste It Mindlessly Surfing

Even though you might be able to find all the information in Web Business Success yourself online, time isn’t free. Your time is worth money, and presumably you are in business to make money.

Wasting your time sorting through random, outdated, or just plain wrong information to find a few pearls of Internet wisdom is expensive for you. At about 200 pages, Web Business Success is not a gigantic intimidating tome. The book is written so that even technophobes and “newbies” won’t feel overwhelmed.

Yes, there are technical issues surrounding the Internet that you need to understand, but the book contains plainspoken, simple English throughout. You won’t find a bunch of jargon or any techniques that are even mildly “shady.” Web Business Success also has a complete index, along with a glossary in case you run across an acronym you don’t remember.

Take Your First Step Toward
Online Business Success


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