Eat Well for a Long and Healthy Life

Whether you are young or old, eating should make you feel good. You want to feel alert and alive so you can spend your time spending quality time with your friends and loved ones. We’ve all seen people who just glow with good health. They are the folks you see out on the lake sailing, clambering down a hiking trail, or schussing down a ski hill. When you feel good, you have the energy to get out and enjoy your life and live your dreams. No one wants to have their life affected by a devastating illness like cancer.

The good news is that by adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet, you have taken a huge first step toward good health. Including more fruits and vegetables into your eating habits can improve your well-being and just plain make you feel better. Just about everyone from the AMA to the USDA thinks that including more fresh, real, wholesome vegetarian food into your diet is a good idea.

In fact, one of the largest studies ever done on vegetarian health was performed on
34 thousand
members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In the study 29% of them were vegetarian and 7-10% of the vegetarians were vegan. The study showed that, the vegetarian group had approximately:

  • half the rate of high blood pressure and diabetes
  • half the rate of colon cancer
  • two thirds the rheumatoid arthritis and prostate cancer

The vegetarian group also tended to live longer than meat eaters.
(Source: Research on Vegetarians and Vegans)

Not surprisingly, eating more fruits and vegetables also reduces your risk of cancer. Studies have shown that a vegetarian diet can lower:

  • colon and rectal cancer
  • rates of bone loss in post-menopausal women
  • LDL (“bad”) cholesterol
  • obesity risk

(Source: Vegetarian Resource Group).
If you want even more, check out this site, which has dozens more citations as well.

But you don’t have to believe the studies, ask your doctor. When we go in for our annual physicals, the numbers on our test results show that for us, eating a vegan diet not only gives us more energy and makes us feel better, it is good for our overall health as well.

Don’t Eat the Neighbors

mooveOver the years, we’ve realized increased energy and felt better because of our vegan diet. All that energy helped make it possible for us to move from the big city to a rural area.

Our neighbors are not a bunch of yuppies anymore. Now they are farmers. Here in Idaho, people take open range laws seriously and many times when we’re driving home, we’re sharing the road with cattle. (James refers to them as the “mooing mowers.”)

Although we went vegan for health reasons, as we’re slowly driving along dodging the mooers as they munch down the grass along the roadside, it’s also nice to know that they aren’t what’s for dinner.

Let’s face it, being vegan isn’t just good for you; it’s good for your conscience, and good for the planet.

No More Creepy Lentil Loaves

Of course in the Twinkie-laden world we live in, it’s easy to believe that eating a healthful eco-friendly diet means you are doomed to a life of deprivation. Just because you are vegan doesn’t mean you are stuck eating bean sprouts and creepy lentil loaves for the rest of your days.

It also shouldn’t mean that you have to be chained to your kitchen for 3 hours every night just to make dinner. (Let’s be honest here: that’s so not going to happen.)

If you don’t want to sacrifice joy of eating for good health, all you need is information. The type of information you’ll find in Vegan Success.

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