The Ternion Order Series

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Disciplines of the Ternion Order

Monsters don’t always hide under the bed or in the closet. Some live in plain sight, serving you mocha at the local coffee house or treating a cut on your arm at the clinic. Around the world, paranormal beings coexist with humanity in secret, as they have done for all of human history. Long ago, they learned that secrecy was critical to their long-term survival. But they have not managed to remain hidden from all of humanity.

While most of the world’s human population is content to share a persistent dream of mundane normalcy and the comforts of scientific advancement, many individuals are aware of a much broader reality: a reality that includes magic, spirits, and the things that nightmares are made of. From such individuals arose the Ternion Order.

As secretive as the beings it tracks, the Ternion Order is pledged to protect humanity from rogue paranormals. Recognizing that most paranormals wish only to live their lives in peace, the hunters of the Order are more policemen than exterminators. They monitor and negotiate. When necessary, they intercept and contain.

The tales of the Ternion Order are about the victims of paranormal “misbehavior” and the hunters who must help them. A hunter’s job is never easy. They operate in the shadows, where justice is on a sliding scale and truth is relative.

First Moon – Book One of The Ternion Order

First Moon coverAfter being dumped by his fiancé, Kyle Nelson is ready for a rebound fling. But a one-night stand turns into a catastrophe that leaves Kyle with violent dreams and disturbing physical symptoms.

Kyle is approached by an attractive witch named Amanda who tries to convince him that he is in danger of turning into a werewolf and that his only hope for a cure lies with her secret society, the Ternion Order.

Initially writing Amanda off as a lunatic, Kyle reconsiders her offer after he attracts the attention of the local pack and learns that his fate will be sealed on the next full moon.

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