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This is a must have book for every animal rescue group! … It is written in an easy-to-read style and gives you invaluable information. Many books talk about fundraising, this book is actually a practical guide on how to do it. After reading Daffron’s excellent book, you’ll never struggle to think of fundraising ideas again.
~ – N. Marano, PETroglyphs, New Mexico’s Resource Publication for Animal Lovers

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Your book FUNDS TO THE RESCUE is the best most helpful book I have. Not only is it filled with ideas, it makes you think about other ways to raise money.
I will be looking into more of your books. THE DOGGIES AND KITTIES IN RESCUE THANK YOU!
~ Bob Fisher

Excellent resource for animal rescue groups. For rescue groups or anyone wanting to raise funds for animal-related events, Funds to the Rescue is an excellent resource. Various events are broken down in level of difficulty, planning time, upfront costs, and how many volunteers would be needed. It also provides a wide variety of activities from fun to more sedate gala-type events, allowing you to customize the event to your groups’ personality. In all, it’s an excellent investment for rescue and animal organizations needing to raise funds on a tight budget. 
~ S. Stinson

Rescue takes money! This book contains lots of practical ideas for fund raising that can be used by animal advocate groups newly organized or well established. Some can be adapted to your own circumstances or situations, but this book serves as a springboard for more and more possibilities. It is a valuable source of information.  
~ R. Chancey

Practical and Useful Advice. Not only does this book have great ideas for pet-related fundraising, it is also practical by rating each idea in terms of difficulty, up-front cost, personnel required, and time needed to plan. I also liked the idea of not only having a small committee to help, but creating goals and a budget for each fund raiser.
~ Sharon

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Funds to the Rescue:
101 Fundraising Ideas for Humane and Animal
Rescue Groups


“Fund raising is a challenge for those of us working to help the animals. Funds to the Rescue is practical and creative. Susan has done all the work letting the reader know what’s involved with each idea—costs, planning time and how many people it takes to get them done. This book is a valuable resource for both start ups and established groups. I am planning to recommend it to students who attend workshops at Best Friends Animal Society and to the animal community at large.”

Faith Maloney
Animal Care Consultant, Co-Founder
Best Friends Animal Society,


“Just about every non-profit rescue group understands the importance of fundraising. But many books don’t give you specific and straight-forward ideas for pet-oriented fundraisers. With Funds to the Rescue, Susan Daffron offers honest advice about fundraising and then serves up 101 ideas that range from simple to complex fundraisers.”
Holly Sizemore
Executive Director, No More Homeless Pets in Utah


“The tips that Susan offers in Funds to the Rescue are real, successful, and proven fundraising efforts that are doable by all. Susan shows many secrets on how to create long-lasting, sustainable relationships that are meaningful for both the givers and the receivers. For anyone who cares about animals, Funds to the Rescue is the best book to get to start saving lives today.”
Casey Golden
Founder and CEO of Small Act Network,
co-author of Do Your Giving While You’re Living


“This book represents a great way to tackle fundraising in a contemporary setting and by removing the fear factor. Americans love animals and they will respond generously if you ask them properly for their support. Learn lessons from tried-and-true successes and apply them now for your agency!”
Robert Evans
Founder & Managing Director
EHL Consulting Group,


“Anyone involved in raising funds should read Funds to the Rescue! Susan doesn’t just provide great ideas for raising funds, she lays out a complete, easy-to-follow framework for developing long-term, effective fundraising strategies that really work.”
Ron Flavin
Grants Access


“Whether you are new to the field of fundraising or an experienced fundraiser looking for ideas to raise money for a nonprofit that supports animals, this is a must read book. In a breezy and enthusiastic style, Susan Daffron offers both an overview of fundraising skills and detailed examples of how to raise money to support your mission.”
Jane B. Ford,
Speaker, Writer, Teacher, Coach


“Fundraising can be a daunting task. Susan Daffron makes it much less so by providing “keys” to fundraising, marketing strategies, and other important information to consider. She also provides 101 creative ideas for raising funds, which include a rating system showing each idea’s level of difficulty, planning time, up front cost, and volunteer resources required. A great resource for fundraising.”
Lee Wlodarczyk
Fundraising & Events Chairperson
Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue


‘I think this book is a great practical guide to assist even the most novice fundraiser. I believe that someone who is interested in advancing the cause of animal rescue can pick up this book and instantly begin both driving the critical messages and gaining needed funding to advance the mission. Congrats on what is a great book for helping Main Street gather it’s resources for our animal friends.”
John Brothers
Principal, Cuidiu Consulting


“Armed with the information in Funds to the Rescue, you’ll never run out of ideas for your next fundraiser or “friend raiser.” When you read Susan Daffron’s Funds to the Rescue, you collect dozens of ideas you’ll be eager to try or adapt for your organization.”
Karen Eber Davis
Karen Eber Davis Consulting


“Funds to the Rescue is a must-have for any animal rescue organization! While most books provide tips for raising money for your cause, they don’t give you specific ideas for pet-oriented fundraisers. Susan Daffron offers solid advice about fundraising and then serves up 101 great ideas that range from simple to complex fundraisers.”
Kristine Parkes
CFRE of Krisp Communications


“I loved Funds to the Rescue! It’s easy to read, very informative and creative. It’s a great reference book that any non-profit can keep on their shelves to refer to over and over again.”
Lana Wechsler
Volunteer Coordinator, Paws For Patients
New York-Presbyterian
The University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell


“I love this book and the way Susan Daffron has empowered us all to make a bigger difference to our animals. Funds to the Rescue is thorough and innovative. It offers time-tested solutions and ideas for people who care. Susan gives us the stats, the encouragement and the ways to make a bigger difference. For our animal related causes. there is indeed something for every type of humane organization.”
Patty DeDominic,
Business Coach, DeDominic & Associates
Member of the Board of Directors,
the Jane Goodall Institute USA