IdeaWeaver Writing and Creativity Software To Be Released

Press Release: IdeaWeaver To Be Released


“Blank Page Syndrome” Is a Thing of the Past with New Creativity Software

Logical Expressions, Inc. Will Release IdeaWeaver in May 2006

Sandpoint, ID – December 2005 – Logical Expressions, Inc. has announced the upcoming release of new creativity software product that will make it easier for writers to bring their ideas to fruition. Dubbed IdeaWeaver, the new writing tool is designed for anyone who needs to convert raw ideas into a completed document, manuscript, or presentation.

Unlike a word processor, IdeaWeaver doesn’t force you to think linearly. IdeaWeaver is essentially an idea database where you can enter each of your ideas as they float into your brain and then organize them later. The tool is designed to get you past that “blank page” start up phase of a project when you’re trying to assemble a haphazard collection of related ideas into something coherent. Many writers actually sit on the floor and organize their notes, papers, or index cards into piles. With IdeaWeaver, you can get up off the floor and organize all these miscellaneous tidbits on your computer instead.

IdeaWeaver is scheduled to be released May 1, 2006 and prospective users familiar with Logical Expressions’ past software projects are already lining up to be beta testers. Writer and editor Helen Swann says “I wish I had IdeaWeaver now! I can’t wait to start playing with it.” Developed using Microsoft’s .NET 2.0 framework, IdeaWeaver will run on Windows machines as a stand-alone application. Users will be able to export their ideas into standard document formats. So when your project is done, you can bring your ideas into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Access or any other program that supports the available file formats.

IdeaWeaver is ideal for both large and small projects. For example, book authors often have to keep track of “back story,” timeline, or character information, which may never appear in the finished manuscript but is important to keep track of and remember. With IdeaWeaver, you’ll be able to separate this type of background information from ideas and text that contributes to the final content.

IdeaWeaver includes Categories to group similar types of ideas so you can find and compare them. With Topics, you can relate your ideas together in an infinite variety of ways, regardless of how they are organized in the final document. However, the software doesn’t force you to assign your ideas to a Category or Topic, so you can add ideas into the system and worry about organizing them later. When you’re ready to lay out your ideas in order, you can use Headings to help organize them.

IdeaWeaver includes sample projects to help you get started quickly. The samples include Categories, Topics, and Headings and content that explains how to apply these elements to your project. It also supports Project Types, so you can group similar projects for easier management and customize IdeaWeaver’s terminology, so you can use terms that relate to your particular project type, instead of IdeaWeaver’s standard Categories, Topics, and Headings.

IdeaWeaver is being developed by Logical Expressions, Inc. a company that is focused on helping people create, manage and distribute content. Because they produce so much written material themselves, IdeaWeaver has been developed with writers in mind. Even Lead Programmer, James Byrd is a writer. He says, “every time I write a technical article or project specification, I think about how useful it would be to have a tool like IdeaWeaver. It makes it a lot easier to develop the user interface when I’m thinking about how I’d use the software too!”

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