Logical Tips Newsletter Named Hot Site by USA Today

Press Release: Logical Tips Named Hot Site


Computer Newsletter by North Idaho Writer Susan Daffron Named “Hot Site” by USA Today

If you’re among the millions of people who have a love-hate relationship with your computer, take some advice from USA Today’s editors and sign up for Logical Tips.

Sandpoint, ID – October 15, 2004 – USA Today’s Web Guide recently featured Logical Tips, a newsletter by Sandpoint writer Susan Daffron, as one of its “Hot Sites.” Logical Tips earned praise from USA Today for offering “truly useful… tips, for software people actually own and use in non-bleeding-edge environments.”

The Logical Tips email newsletter is written by Susan Daffron, the President of Logical Expressions, Inc., a Sandpoint-based company that helps small businesses create, manage and distribute their most important commodity – information.

Susan began writing Logical Tips more than three years ago as a public service to the millions of PC users who struggle with the ballooning complexities of constant Windows upgrades and software “weirdness.”

“When I write Logical Tips, I have a certain type of person in mind,” says Susan. “My readers aren’t ‘dummies’ and they don’t need a ‘dummies guide’ with dopey pictures and corny jokes. What they DO need is someone who can explain software that’s always changing. My readers are intelligent, but they’re busy. They don’t have time for geek-speak, so I give them quick tips they can actually understand and use right away.”

Like its sister publication, “Computor Companion” (www.computorcompanion.com ) magazine, Logical Tips is about demystification: of computers, software, and the digital world as a whole. This same clear, step-by-step approach also underlies Susan’s business philosophy. When she and her husband founded Logical Expressions in 1994, they quickly established their reputation as technical experts who didn’t talk down to their clients.

“Logical Expressions is a content solutions provider, which is a fancy way of saying that we help small companies deal with information,” Susan explains. “We help them write information, package it with good design, and get it on the web and into print. We also help organize that information, especially online, so it’s appealing to clients or customers.”

“In an information society like ours, attractive and easy-to-access information is directly tied to making sales,” Susan adds. “It feels good to know that a national publication like USA Today recognized our ability to make technology understandable. That’s our goal in everything we do, whether it’s through our public service newsletter like Logical Tips, or in helping our clients build their businesses.”

To subscribe to the Logical Tips Email Newsletter, visit www.logicaltips.com . To find out more about Susan Daffron and her company, Logical Expressions, Inc., go to www.logicalexpressions.com .


About Logical Expressions, Inc.

Logical Expressions, Inc. helps small businesses that are struggling to create, manage or distribute content so they can compete successfully. The company offers affordable tools and services to leverage online or offline content to dramatically increase profitability.

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