Fast Facts about Susan Daffron and James Byrd, the Owners of Logical Expressions

Many people ask us about our background and experience, so here are some fast facts for the curious.

One thing you’ll notice right away is that our skills are different, but complementary. We often say that James represents the logical side of Logical Expressions, and Susan represents the expressive side.

After more than a decade of being in business together and two decades of marriage, we’ve figured out how to meld our strengths to build a creative and productive team relationship.

Susan Daffron

susan daffronSusan is the President of Logical Expressions with primary responsibility over all graphic design,
editorial, and marketing activities.

She is author or co-author on all LEI printed publications and most of the online
content published by LEI.


  • Author or co-author of 12 printed books (and counting!).
  • Contributor to 2 other books.
  • Has worked in the publishing industry since 1986.
  • President of the Small Publishers Artists and Writers Network (SPAWN)
  • Author of more than 70 national magazine articles (and counting!).
  • Author of more than 200 print newspaper columns.
  • Author of at least 1,200 online articles (we’ve sort of lost count) and an online training course.
  • Web designer for all Logical Expressions Web sites
  • Graphic designer for all Logical Expressions print materials.
  • Cover and interior layout artist for all Logical Expressions books.
  • Indexer of all Logical Expressions books.
  • Editor of online business computing magazine called Computor Companion
  • President and Founder of the National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals.
  • Host of “Take Me Home” Radio show on Pet Life Radio.
  • Former animal shelter employee and volunteer and veterinary tech at a spay/neuter clinic.
  • Awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award in 1996 for her expertise in working with long documents.

Former Positions:

  • Contract Tech Writer, Intuit Software, San Diego, CA
  • Editor/Staff Writer, Midrange Computing, Carlsbad, CA
  • Senior Technical Writer, Gamma Metrics, San Diego, CA
  • Publications Manager, Trans World Communications, Escondido, CA
  • Graphic Designer, Alphagraphics, Tucson, AZ
  • Editorial Intern, McCall’s Magazine, New York City, NY

James Byrd

james h. byrdJames is the Vice President and Secretary of Logical Expressions with primary responsibility over all information
systems, finance, and legal activities.

He is author or co-author on multiple LEI printed publications and
a significant amount of the online content published by LEI.


  • Co-author of three books.
  • Business software application developer since 1985.
  • Internet software application developer since 1995.
  • Designer and developer of LEI’s IdeaWeaver software product.
  • Responsible for information systems integration between the e-commerce Web site, merchant interface, and the accounting system at Logical Expressions.
  • Former Internet Development Manager for a $100-million+ e-commerce Web site with many interfaces to back-end systems.
  • Former contracting instructor for Application Developers Company, a national IT training concern.
  • Experienced architect and developer of Windows and Internet database applications using Microsoft technologies.
  • Experienced author, editor, and public speaker.

Former Positions:

  • Senior Internet Developer & Internet Development Manager, Coldwater Creek, Sandpoint, ID
  • Software Development Contractor, Paul D. Sheriff & Associates, Tustin, CA
  • Software Engineer, TimeLine Vista, Vista, CA
  • Senior Programmer, Interactive, San Diego, CA
  • Senior Software Engineer, Western Pacific Data Systems, San Diego, CA
  • Senior Programmer, McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Information Services, Long Beach, CA