Web Business Success Escape the Cubicle

Escape the Cubicle Wasteland
and Look Forward to Monday Again

Maybe you are one of the estimated forty million Americans who is quietly working away in a cubicle. But you want out.

Is This You?

After driving 90 minutes on smog-congested freeways, you walk into your little fabric-walled cube, facing yet another Monday full of pointless meetings, office politics, the latest mission statement, and the “opportunity” to work overtime for the team.

Stuffed into your 6 x 8 box, surrounded by gunmetal gray walls, you look up and notice the guy on the other side of the fabric partition prairie-dogging you while shouting on his speakerphone trying to convince people to turn up for the daily staff meeting.

Today, it feels like those cloth walls are closing in. Maybe it’s because you have to write a memo about how to “redeploy the direction of the empowering mission and assign ownership of the action items that will reduce the reconfigurable release cycles of the integrated solution using a best-of-breed strategy to get buy-in from corporate leadership.”

The fact that you actually know what the memo means makes you feel mildly ill. The fact that you considered “pinging a resource” about it first makes you feel even worse. There has got to be more to life.

What if you could escape the mindless tedium of your corporate job? It’s about time you stop selling yourself to an employer for pennies. You know you have great skills and you want to use your talents to make money for yourself, instead of someone else. (Hey, you’ll never get rich working for someone else!)

Just image being able to take a vacation whenever you want, go to your kids’ soccer games, or be there for your children when they get sick. What a concept!

Sure there must be a better way, but that almighty paycheck stops you every time. The big question is, how can you start making money while you are still a wage slave?

Work Where You Want and
Add Flexibility in Your Life

Once you have realized that the Web is the key to building a business that gives you the lifestyle you want, get the advice you need from people who have actually done it!

Building your own online business doesn’t have to be a pipe-dream. We are living proof that you can build a business and operate it from anywhere. In fact, the main reason we started our company was so we could move out of the big city.

To us, the idea of being “location independent” is so freeing, we can’t imagine ever going back to cubicle hell or commuting. We enjoy being able to:

  • Take a dog to the vet or go to a doctor’s appointment without having to explain it and/or get approval from “the boss.”
  • Take an afternoon off to work in the garden.
  • Ski at least once a week during the winter.
  • Schedule vacations whenever we please.
  • Avoid time-wasters like “informational meetings” and “status reports.”
  • Shun the notion of ever having to carry a cell phone or pager so we’re available “24×7” (Ugh!)

The Internet makes it all possible. If we can do it, so can you!

Look at the Big Picture and
Put Some Life Into Your Life Now

If you’ve been putting off starting a business or getting going on really marketing your current business online, here’s one more thing to think about.

Imagine you have scrimped and saved for years, setting aside every extra penny for retirement. You plan to buy a cute little cottage in a small close-knit community where you can enjoy your retirement for the rest of your days. At the age of 65, at long last, it all really happens. All that scrimping and saving paid off. You get the gold watch, sell your expensive car, buy the cottage, move all your stuff and get ready for some serious retirement relaxation.

Less than a year into your much-anticipated retirement, you’re outside raking the leaves. Suddenly there’s a pain in your left arm. Next thing you know, you’re dead.

So much for retirement.

It may sound melodramatic, but this a true story that happened to someone we know personally. And it’s another reason not to put off your dreams. Getting that Web site up might be the first step toward a better life.

You never know until you try.

Take Your First Step Toward
Online Business Success


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