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The Good, The Bad, and the Pugly

An Alpine Grove Romantic Comedy (Book 7)

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The Good, the Bad, and the Pugly

About the book

After a freak shopping cart accident, Brigid Fitzpatrick takes stock of her life and wonders what happened. Determined to reinvent herself, Brigid sells off everything and rents a cottage in the small town of Alpine Grove. Thanks to her military widow’s pension, she can take a much-needed summer vacation.

Armed with piles of self-improvement books, Brigid sets out to rebuild her life. When she adopts a sweet little dog named Gypsy, Brigid finds out Gypsy isn’t the only homeless dog in Alpine Grove. Compelled to help animals with nowhere to go, Brigid forges a plan when compassionate horse trainer, Clayton Hadley agrees to help. Forced to face deep-seated fears, Brigid finds herself intrigued by Clay’s uncanny insights. Plus, how often do you get to meet a real life cowboy?