New Book on Adopted Dogs and Puppies Called Happy Hound Published

Press Release: Happy Hound Published


New Book Shares Tips for Raising a Happy and Healthy Shelter-Adopted Dog or Puppy

Happy Hound: Develop a Great Relationship with Your Adopted Dog or Puppy Helps Owners Start Off on the Right Paw

SANDPOINT, Idaho – December 2006 – A new book from Logical Expressions, Inc. aims to help new, adoptive-dog owners get off on the right “paw.” “Happy Hound: Develop a Great Relationship with Your Adopted Dog or Puppy” (ISBN: 978-0-9749245-2-6; LCCN-2006909898) tells new owners what they need to know to raise a wonderful family pet.

“Happy Hound” combines practical advice with real-life stories. Unlike breed-specific or veterinary books, “Happy Hound” is tailored to the special needs and issues related to living with a rescued puppy or dog.

Dogs are often relinquished to animal shelters because of communication breakdowns — the owner does not understand why the dog does what he does and the dog does not understand what the owner wants.

“Happy Hound” features answers to everyday problems. They include tips for what to do when a dog will not stop barking, digging or leaving little “gifts” in the living room. It addresses what to do if a dog is having difficulty adapting to its new home life. Readers will also learn how to deal with jumping, running away, and fearful behavior.

Author, Susan Daffron, is not only a dog owner, but has also worked as a veterinary technician and at animal shelters; she has written a pet-care column since 1998.

“Dogs are not robots,” Daffron said. “This book emphasizes leadership and compassion. It also alerts owners to when a problem is serious enough for expert assistance.”

Along with advice on grooming and health issues, “Happy Hound” includes anecdotes about the author’s four dogs. Readers will never be left feeling alone or led to believe that their dog “is really different.”

Dr. Marty Becker, syndicated columnist and resident veterinarian on Good Morning America shares his thoughts about the book: “Happy Hound celebrates the joy and companionship of sharing your life with a rescued dog. It’s filled with pet-care information and anecdotes; I found it passionate and practical!”

“Happy Hound” is $19.95 and is available on or directly from the publisher at: The site features dog-care tips, a video, and a free downloadable “Dog FAQ” sheet.

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