What Do You Feed Vegans on Thanksgiving?

Press Release: Vegan Thanksgiving


What Do You Feed Vegans on Thanksgiving?

Author of Vegan Success Cookbook Offers Suggestions

SANDPOINT, Idaho — People who are faced with having vegan friends or family members at their Thanksgiving dinner may be wondering what to feed them. Vegans don’t eat turkey, so what is a cook to do? Susan Daffron of Logical Expressions, Inc. offers a few tips on how to feed vegan guests at the Thanksgiving table, inspired by her book “Vegan Success: Scrumptious, Healthy Vegan Recipes for Busy People” (ISBN: 978-0-9749245-1-9; LCCN-2006907834).

1. Embrace traditional side dishes. Every year at Thanksgiving, Daffron and her husband make a stuffing and potato casserole that even non-vegans enjoy. Make traditional bread stuffing and mashed potatoes. Put the stuffing in a casserole dish, top it with the mashed potatoes, and bake.

2. Consider your ingredients. For example, it is easy to make a vegan stuffing or gravy if you simply avoid using meat-based broths. Instead of chicken broth, use vegetable broth or soymilk for the liquid in gravies. For a gravy, make a standard base sauce with flour and liquid. Cook up some mushrooms, throw it all in the blender, and you end up with a thick savory gravy that everyone will enjoy.

3. Provide vegan options for condiments. If you like sour cream on your mashed potatoes, consider purchasing the vegan equivalent. Vegan alternatives exist for almost every dairy product and many meat varieties as well. Check the ingredients list on the package. With dairy products, be sure the package says it is vegan and not just vegetarian. Many soy cheeses contain casein, which is a milk protein and not vegan.

A vegan Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be tasteless. Include all your favorite holiday spices like sage, thyme, and marjoram in your recipes and people may not even miss the bird.

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