LEI Publication Manager Helps Publishers Put Content Online

Press Release: Publication Manager


LEI Publication Manager Helps Publishers Get Content Online Quickly and Affordably

SANDPOINT, Idaho — The LEI Publication Manager (LPM) from Logical Expressions, Inc. is new browser-based software that lets publishers put articles online easily. Using the LPM, busy editors no longer need to open an HTML tool or run to a Web consultant every time they want to change or add to their publication’s Web site. Anyone who has a Web browser can create or update a powerful database-driven Web site. Sites can operate as a stand-alone site or be linked into an existing Web site with no additional software.

The LEI Publication Manager:

  • Features a browser-based interface that is intuitive to use. No knowledge of HTML or programming is required.
  • Includes color schemes, which give users control over the site’s appearance. Templates can be modified to further customize a site by changing the layout or including additional features such as news feeds and ad rotators.
  • Has a powerful content engine, which eliminates broken links and serves up pages quickly.
  • Is leased monthly, saving publishers thousands of dollars compared to other content management software.
  • Is ideal for putting any type of issue-based content online, such as magazines, newsletters, e-zines, newspapers, or weeklies. Writers can showcase series of columns, articles or other works online without the need for an HTML tool.

The LPM features “themes” users can select and modify to change colors and fonts. More advanced users can modify the site templates to create any look they want. Publishers can include logos and branding graphics by simply uploading files using the LPM. A configurable menu system lets users add informational pages to the site or links to other sites. Topics group articles together, so visitors can easily find related articles on a given subject. Publishers can add links related to articles as well, so they can easily participate in affiliate and other link-based promotions.


About Logical Expressions, Inc.

Logical Expressions, Inc. is a publishing and software development company that specializes in creating business applications for the Web, including database-driven Web sites. Originally formed in California 1994 as Logical Expressions by Susan Daffron and James Byrd, the couple moved themselves, the company and their cats to Idaho in 1996 to escape the smog and freeways of Southern California city life. From their main office in a log home in the middle of a forest in the Idaho Panhandle, the company develops high-end business applications for clients throughout the United States and publishes a free computer magazine called Computor Companion.

Additional Contact Info:

Logical Expressions, Inc.
311 Fox Glen Road,
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
phone: 208-265-6147
LEI Web site: http://www.logicalexpressions.com

(For background information, journalists are encouraged to visit the LEI Press Room at: http://www.logicalexpressions.com/logical-expressions-press-room/)
Computor Companion Web site: http://www.computorcompanion.com