Susan Daffron Named Founding Partner of AWE

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Sandpoint, Idaho-based Entrepreneur Named Founding Partner and Web Development Expert at the International Association of Web Entrepreneurs

Susan Daffron AWE Founding Partner and Web Development Expert

SANDPOINT, Idaho — The President and Founder of the International Association of Web Entrepreneurs (AWE), Sheri McConnell recently invited three women to join the organization as Founding Partners. The new Founding Partners are Susan Daffron of Logical Expressions, Inc. Marilyn Schwader of Clarity of Vision, and Lisa Manyon of Write On Creative Writing Services.

Susan Daffron is the President of Logical Expressions, Inc. a book and software company based in Sandpoint, Idaho and the co-author of “Web Business Success: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Web Sites That Work” (ISBN: 978-0-9749245-0-2; LCCN-2006909228). A discount on Web Business Success is one of the benefits AWE members receive when they join the organization. In addition to her role as an AWE Founding Partner, Daffron will also serve as the Web Development Expert

McConnell says, “I invited these three dynamic and progressive women to join the AWE as Founding Partners to further the association’s online growth and success. Susan’s technical experience and background in ecommerce and Web design will be a huge benefit to our members.”

Thanks to the Internet, Susan and her husband James Byrd have been able to operate their business from a remote location in the forests of northern Idaho since 1996. Their Web sites have received kudos from USA Today, Tribune Media Services, and the BBC. Susan has been the principal designer for all of Logical Expressions Web sites, and the company’s client Web sites as well. Daffron coded her first Web site by hand sometime in 1996, and has worked on everything from simple single-page sites to extremely large portal sites (200+ pages) along with data-driven sites and ecommerce stores.

Daffron says, “We are proof that you can operate a successful online business from almost anywhere. For years we worked over a 26.4 dial-up connection. Now we have satellite and cellular broadband (but keep the dial-up too, just in case). Because of the Internet, we’ve been able to live in and enjoy this beautiful area for the last 12 years.”

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Logical Expressions, Inc. is a software and publishing company based in Sandpoint, Idaho. The company offers affordable books, software, tools, and services that help businesses with print and online publishing projects.

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