Idaho Entrepreneur Offers Insights in New Online Business Trends Book

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What’s Next Online in 2009? Idaho Entrepreneur Offers Insights in New Online Business Trends Book

Susan Daffron Reveals Web Development Trends

SANDPOINT, Idaho – Susan C. Daffron, the president of Sandpoint, Idaho-based Logical Expressions, Inc. is a contributing author of a new book on online trends called “The Official AWE 2009 Guide: Emerging Trends Every Online Entrepreneur Must Know.” Published by the International Association of Web Entrepreneurs (AWE), the book features information from 17 online business experts.

Susan Daffron is the Web Development expert for the AWE. Her chapter is titled “Key Web Development Trends That Entrepreneurs Need to Know” and includes seven topic areas:

1. Web Design Grows Up: “The days of the homemade purple-background Front Page sites are over.”

2. People Get Smart About Social Media: “Many business owners are starting to take a hard look at the return on investment of social media.”

3. Video and Audio Go Mainstream: “Sound and video will continue to be incorporated into virtually all Web sites as a marketing tool, so it will lose its novelty and force people to get more creative with the medium…no more boring “talking head” videos”

4. Software Applications and Services Play a Key Role: “Most Web sites today are far more than just static pages….Companies will grow up around these interactive Web sites.”

5. Focus Turns from Search Engine Optimization to Conversion: “You can have all the traffic in the world, but if no one interacts with your site when they get there, your Web site is not going to bring you new customers.”

6. Ease of Use Increases in Importance: “Ease of use is rising in importance because few people have time to “figure stuff out.” In an increasingly connected world, people don’t want to deal with frustrating user interfaces.”

7. Information Filtering Becomes Paramount: “Companies that can create an oasis to filter out some of the noise in people’s lives will enjoy success.”

Susan Daffron’s company Logical Expressions, Inc. ( has served clients online from a remote location in Idaho since 1996. Daffron is the author of 11 books, including “Web Business Success: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Web Sites That Work.” In addition to publishing books, Logical Expressions offers book production services to business owners who want to self-publish a book to attract new clients.

More information about “The Official AWE 2009 Guide: Emerging Trends Every Online Entrepreneur Must Know” is available at the Web site at


Logical Expressions, Inc. is a software and publishing company based Sandpoint, Idaho. The company offers affordable books, software, tools, and services that help businesses with print and online publishing projects.

In addition to publishing its own series of books, Logical Expressions offers book production services. The company is not a subsidy press, rather Logical Expressions helps guide people through the steps to become a successful independent self-publisher.

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