What Readers Say About Web Business Success

I’ve read a lot of books about doing business online, and I’ve never read a better one than this — it’s well-written and packed with practical advice. I especially appreciated that it had no geek-speak, it’s written in clear English. No matter what the nature of your business, you’ll do well to pick up a copy of “Web Business Success.” You’ll find plenty of information that you can use to understand and improve your online business.
Steve Weber, Bookseller and author

“What I liked so much about this book is how it tells the authors’ story of how they themselves moved their business online. One of the authors is a writer and the other is an IT professional. They earn their livelihood online for the most part and they have shared how they made the move to self-employment using their Internet connection and Web hosting. The book cuts through most of the hype most authors write about concerning Web sites. And from page one on the authors build rapport with the reader and you learn to trust just about every word they say….All in all, this is a great book for any entrepreneur to read and devour. 5 stars!”
 — Jeff Lippincott, SCORE Volunteer

I just finished reading Web Business Success and was very impressed with the detailed, practical, hands-on knowledge the book provided. The author even tells you which web host and domain name registrar she uses! The book is full of that type of useful content. It has the best description I’ve ever seen of the shopping cart – gateway – merchant account process. The author starts you from the beginning, guiding you through the process of planning a web site. The book covers finding a host, promoting a site, and finally eCommerce. I’ve taught eBusiness courses at the MBA level, and I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to start a web-based business.
Ellen Finkelstein,
Author of Do Everything with PowerPoint 2007
and the PowerPoint Tips newsletter

Web Business Success: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Web Sites That Work is packed full of very targeted information for anyone building a business on the web. I loved it!”
— Sheri McConnell,
President of the National Association of Women Writers

I recently revised my Web site with a new design, content and ecommerce features. “Web Business Success” clarified many options I wasn’t aware of and helped guide me through the maze so I could make the right choices for this stage of my ecommerce business. I especially appreciated the information on hosting, search engine optimization, and ecommerce options.
The book is very user friendly, clear and has a minimum of technical jargon.
— Barbara Bouchet, Contact Point Associates

Web Business Success is full of good advice and tips from a technical and content team (Daffron and Byrd) with many years of experience and case studies under their belt. Take page 35 for instance, after discussing everything from the Zen of HTML to selecting a Web designer, it goes on to advise on the practical considerations of putting your business on the Web.
— Howard Greenfield, Go Associates