Web Business Success Avoid Bad Developers

Mystified and Discouraged?

If you have spent hours online with your eyes glazing over reading the latest article on what you “should” do to create a great Web site, we know exactly how you feel.

Our names are James Byrd and Susan Daffron and we own Logical Expressions, Inc. a company that has been helping people build Web sites since 1997.  In fact, we have been able to earn our living largely online since we moved to the wilds of Idaho in 1996. When we moved here to this tiny town of 5,000 people, the unemployment rate was 12-15%, so we had to make our business work online. Our mission to continue living here means we have spent a tremendous amount of time reading and learning about online business both for ourselves and for our clients.

With more than 100 sites to our credit, we have traversed the often confusing and ever-changing realms of Web site development. Co-author James Byrd is a programmer who has written a shopping cart, content management system, and other databases for clients that continue to be used online to this day. He also led the programming team for a major women’s apparel retailer’s ecommerce site. Coldwater Creek is number 46 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide and generated 2006 web sales of $263.7 million. The company operates the ecommerce site on multiple distributed servers and has an e-mail marketing database of 3.2 million names.

Co-author Susan Daffron has been a writer and graphic artist since 1988. Web design was a natural progression from her earlier work in print design. She learned how to develop Web sites the hard way: by typing in code for the first version of the Logical Expressions site by hand in late 1996.

Together among our own 25 (or so) sites we have:

  • Earned money from our two online stores.
  • Earned significant advertising income thanks to our friends at Google AdSense.
  • Produced four regular email newsletters that drew in thousands of subscribers for years.
  • Written hundreds of articles for our various content sites, which serve up approximately 2 million page views every year.
  • Developed our own online tools such as ad rotators and a download management system.
  • Operated several different blogs, mailing list, and forum software products.
  • Managed our own affiliate program and earned money as an affiliate for other companies.

And that’s just our own sites. We also have consulted on a number of significant Web projects and developed more than 50 sites for our clients, including large portal sites with more than 200 pages, several online stores, database sites, and secured sites.

Avoid Online Heartache, Headaches,
and Expensive Failures

We wrote Web Business Success after years of work with many clients who had appalling experiences with their previous Web developers.

These folks came to us after spending a lot of money on Web developers that just plain didn’t know what they were doing. Sadly, anyone with a copy of Front Page can hang out a shingle and call themselves a “Web Developer.” Rip-off artists abound. Frankly, the number of shysters in the online world is really depressing.

Failed Web sites can result from bad tools, systems, techniques, design, copy, or any combination. Over the years, we’ve seen almost everything that can go wrong with a Web site (and been tasked with fixing it).

We’ve helped business owners when they:

  • Were so upset and embarrassed about the state of their site that they actually wouldn’t hand out business cards that had their Web site address on it.
  • Spent a whole lot of money on a site just plain didn’t work. The crummy “content management” script that had been foisted on them by their Web developer was old, poorly integrated, and buggy. The site couldn’t even do basic things like process email.
  • Couldn’t find their own site using any search engine. (And neither could anyone else, including their customers!)

After years of explaining this stuff to clients, we started writing it all down. Over time, all that information that we have been giving to clients for years evolved into Web Business Success.

Get the Facts You Need to Avoid
Doing Things the Hard Way

Of course not everyone has a bad experience with their Web site. Some people get lucky and find a great developer or discover that they have an aptitude for online business, so they have 100% smooth sailing the first time around.

But if you’re new to the Internet and need “just the facts” without a bunch of technobabble, Web Business Success is an inexpensive introduction to the often-confusing world of ecommerce. The book includes information to help you:

  • Save money by not paying for a lot of Web site bells and whistles you don’t need and that may hurt your sales.
  • Save money by not buying software that won’t work, or that requires expensive experts to tweak and customize.
  • Make more sales by not making it difficult or even impossible for your customers to buy from you.
  • Save time and frustration by not having to re-engineer your site.

After all, creating your site right the first time is the ultimate goal!

Instead of worrying about getting “snowed” by yet another expensive Web developer, spend just $29.95 and get the information you need to make smart online business decisions.

Take Your First Step Toward
Online Business Success


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