Help for New Vegans Has Arrived

Being vegan isn’t always easy.

A vegan diet is good for your health; as a vegan, you don’t eat any animal products – no milk, cheese, eggs or meat. It’s easy to stay slim, avoid bad foods, and remain healthy.

Veganism sounds great until you have to figure out what’s for dinner. After all, you can’t just zap a microwave meal or rely on mainstream fast food joints to get you out of a jam.

When you first become vegan, suddenly all those frozen dinners you used to eat are off limits. And staples of vegetarian (but not vegan) eating like eggs and cheese are suddenly not an option. (No more quickie omelets for you!)

Okay…So What Can I Eat?

At first you might feel somewhat despondent, wondering what you still can eat. Although some convenience foods do exist for vegans these days, the selection is definitely limited.

After becoming a vegan, you may also have discovered that going out to lunch with the gang at work is a whole lot more complicated than it used to be.

Hey guys, we’re all going out for pizza!” (As any vegan will tell you, people look at you funny when you sheepishly try and order cheese-less pizza at the Hut.)

You could spend a whole lot of money eating out, assuming you can even find restaurants that serve vegan food. Or you might try buying some of those wildly overpriced deli items from a designer health food market.

The reality of giving up convenience food leaves vegans with a problem. Now you have to buy real, fresh veggies and figure out what to do with them.

Get Ideas and Answers in Vegan Success

Vegan Success is designed to make your cooking life easier and to transform your meals into mouthwatering vegan feasts you and your family will look forward to every day.

Vegan Success is filled with simple recipes anyone can make, even after a long day when you don’t feel like cooking. The recipes have no complex techniques or obscure ingredients. Many of the meals can be made from ingredients you already have sitting in your refrigerator or pantry.

In addition to the recipes, we also include a glossary of ingredients that are often used in vegan cooking. For example, new vegans may not know about ingredients like nutritional yeast, which is often used to simulate the flavor of cheese in vegan cooking. Although the ingredients aren’t generally difficult to find, they may be unfamiliar, especially to new vegans.

Find Out What to Buy and What NOT to Buy

Vegan Success also includes our own completely biased “shopping list” of vegan products that actually taste good. We’ve been horrified by some of the dreadful vegan and vegetarian-oriented products out there, and we don’t want other people to experience those nasty taste sensations. (Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean something has to taste like old gym socks!) Armed with this list, you can avoid making the same shopping mistakes we did.

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