Need Some Vegan Cooking Inspiration?

When you are looking for ideas for dinner, you want a cookbook to be motivating and inspiring (“I could do that!), not discouraging (“who would ever make that?!“).

Vegan Success is all about easy recipes that use ingredients you probably have in your refrigerator or pantry already. When you are short on time and looking for ideas, it’s the cookbook you can rely on for a little inspiration.

What You Won’t Find in Vegan Success

Although Vegan Success includes many of our favorite dishes, we didn’t include every recipe we’ve ever made in the book. With any book, you have to look for a theme. As we gathered together all the information, we realized that most of the recipes we had were fast and easy to make.

That means that when you look through the cookbook, you’ll see that we left out anything that seemed too difficult or time consuming. For example, Vegan Success doesn’t include recipes for cookies or vegan lasagna. Cookies require a lot of trips back and forth to the oven and vegan lasagna has a lot of steps and ingredients. Of course, that doesn’t mean you would never make these things. But if you decide to bake cookies, you might decide to make an afternoon of it.

Vegan Success also doesn’t include 79 recipes for leafy salads. Almost every vegetarian cookbook wastes 100 pages on countless permutations of what is essentially dressed up lettuce. Most people never use these types of recipes, so they aren’t in this cookbook.

What You Will Find in Vegan Success

As noted, Vegan Success doesn’t have high-end gourmet recipes, but what this cookbook does include is a whole bunch of delicious and hearty vegan recipes that don’t take all day to make, and don’t leave you hungry an hour later.

Here are just some of the goodies you’ll find:

  • Thai Peanut Sauce
  • Easy Biscuits (with 10 variations)
  • Mustard Roasted Potatoes with Herbs
  • Quick Vegan Stuffing
  • Spicy White Bean Salad
  • Hot Eggplant Sandwich
  • Creamy Tomato and Potato Soup
  • Tempeh Stroganoff
  • Chicken Fried Tofu Cutlets
  • Nutty Brownies
  • Berry Cobbler

None of these recipes are difficult, but they are all delicious!

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