Vegan Cooking Tips

The “Jar” Mixing Method

One tip we use a lot in the sauces section of the cookbook is the “jar” method of mixing ingredients. This technique first came about from using Ener-G egg replacer, which is a powder that you mix with water to make a vegan fake “egg” in baking. We took an old small mustard jar and started using it to mix up egg replacer with water. And the “egg jar” was born.

We still use the egg jar, but we took the concept farther. Now also have another somewhat larger jar in the cabinet for mixing up tahini with other ingredients for recipes like “Real Gravy.” If you’ve ever tried mixing tahini with water with a fork, you know that it’s really difficult to get it to blend.

To solve the problem, we put the tahini, water and other ingredients in a jar, put on the lid and shake it vigoriously. Everything mixes quickly, and if you shake it long enough, you shouldn’t have any lumps.