It’s wintertime in Alpine Grove!  Meet Becca and find out what’s up with Kat, Joel and Co. when you check out…

Snow Furries

An Alpine Grove Romantic Comedy (Book 4)

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About the book

After a life-altering setback destroys Rebecca Mackenzie’s career, she jumps at the chance to start over as a real estate appraisal trainee in her uncle’s office. Although a job change had been in order, being the new kid did have some downsides, including being forced to do a rush appraisal in the small town of Alpine Grove over Thanksgiving weekend.

Although map reading has never been her strong suit, Becca’s navigational skills are pushed to the limit in a town that doesn’t believe in road signs. When the supposed-to-be flurries turn out to be a record-setting blizzard, the trip literally goes downhill after Becca’s car slides nose-down off the road into a ditch. Accompanied by his huge mountain dog, a scruffy stranger wearing a massive coat with dozens of pockets drags Becca to safety. In the darkness of a small log cabin in the woods, Becca confesses far too many secrets to Jack Sheridan. Sure, if she’d known she’d end up trapped in the middle of nowhere with a guy named Jack, she never would have watched that scary movie. But maybe Jack isn’t such a dull boy after all.

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