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Magic Fur Press

Books from Magic Fur Press, the fiction imprint of Logical Expressions, Inc.

The Jennings & O’Shea Novels
A series of full-length novels by Susan C. Daffron

The Jennings & O’Shea novels by Susan C. Daffron are a series of mystery novels that follow the adventures of Meg Jennings and Riley O’Shea and include:

Sensing Trouble (Book # 1So far, 1997 has been a spectacularly bad year for reporter Meg Jennings – and it’s only March. Uncontrollable, debilitating visions have forced her to …[read more].

The Jennings & O’Shea series include a little bit of humor, dogs, and mystery with a paranormal twist. . Visit the Jennings & O’Shea Series page to learn more.
(More books are coming soon!)

The Alpine Grove Romantic Comedies
A series of full-length novels by Susan C. Daffron

AGGroupRomantic comedies for pet lovers, which include:

Chez Stinky (Book # 1)

Fuzzy Logic  (Book #2)

The Art of Wag (Book #3)

Snow Furries  (Book #4)

Bark to the Future  (Book # 5)

Howl at the Loon (Book #6)

The Good, the Bad, and the Pugly (Book #7)

The Treasure of the Hairy Cadre (Book #8)

The Luck of the Paw (Book #9)

Daydream Retriever (Book #10)

The Alpine Grove novels include a little bit of humor and a whole lot of fur. Visit the Alpine Grove Series page to learn more. (More books are coming soon!)

The Ternion Order Series
by Daniel R. Marvello

First Moon coverFirst Moon
(Book 1 of the The Ternion Order)
After being dumped by his fiancé, Kyle Nelson is ready for a rebound fling. But a one-night stand turns into a catastrophe that leaves Kyle with violent dreams and disturbing physical symptoms. [read more]

The Vaetra Chronicles
by Daniel R. Marvello

vaetragroupVaetra Unveiled
(Book 1 of the Vaetra Chronicles)
Bored with his life as an innkeeper, Jaylan Forester takes a promising mercenary contract. The adventure goes out of control when [read more]

Vaetra Untrained
(Book 2 of the Vaetra Chronicles)
In volume two of the Vaetra Chronicles, former innkeeper Jaylan Forester follows lovely sorceress Sulana Delano to the Archives College of Sorcery where [read more]

Vaetra Unleashed
(Book 3 of the Vaetra Chronicles)
In volume three of the Vaetra Chronicles,  Jaylan Forester struggles to complete his training as a Sword Sorcerer so he can [read more]

The Western Geomancer Series
by Daniel R. Marvello

Geomancer's Bargain coverGeomancer’s Bargain
(Book 1 of the The Western Geomancer)
Like many settlers, Carleton Kazimer traveled to the western frontier to escape something. In Carleton’s case, it was a notorious criminal gang who put a price on his head. But the young earth wizard quickly discovers that new and unfamiliar dangers await him in the wild west. [read more]

Logical Expressions Publishing

These are the nonfiction books published by Logical Expressions.

funds to the rescue coverPublicity to the Rescue:How to Get More Attention for Your Animal Shelter, Humane Society, or Rescue Group to Raise Awareness, Increase Donations, Recruit Volunteers, and Boost Adoptions
by Susan C. Daffron
ISBNs:  978-1-61038-004-1 (Paperback), 978-1-61038-005-8 (EPUB), 978-1-61038-006-5 (MobiPocket/Kindle); LCCN: 2011914679

Most people think about publicity in the context of bringing people to events or raising money. But publicity can bring you other benefits as well. You can use simple and affordable publicity tactics to recruit volunteers, find foster families, and increase adoptions. Get practical advice, along with creative ideas, inspirational case studies, and examples of real press releases that will help you plan and implement your own publicity campaign.

Available from online retailers like

Note: The photo is of Susan’s dog Fiona.

funds to the rescue coverFunds to the Rescue:101 Fundraising Ideas for Humane and Animal Rescue Groups
by Susan C. Daffron
ISBN: 978-0-9749245-9-5; LCCN: 2009905962

If you work for a non-profit humane society or pet rescue group, you understand the importance of fundraising to your organization’s long-term survival. Funds to the Rescue is written specifically for humane groups. This book saves you from wasting time as you search for new revenue streams to support your humane organization. The book begins with “The Hows and Whys of Fundraising” and follows with 101 entertaining and creative ideas. Armed with these 101 fundraising ideas, you’ll never struggle to find the money you need to support your animal shelter or pet rescue again.

Available from online retailers like Also available in ebook formats from Amazon (Kindle).

Awards: Named winner in “How To” category in the 2010 Indie Book Awards. Also won a 2010 Apex Award of Excellence in the Books & Ebooks category.

Note: The cover features Susan’s dog Cami.

vegan success coverVeganSuccess: Scrumptious, Healthy Vegan Recipes for Busy People
by Susan C. Daffron and James H. Byrd
ISBN: 978-0-9749245-1-9; LCCN-2006907834

Vegan Success: Scrumptious, Healthy Vegan Recipes for Busy People is a cookbook that is designed to take the drudgery out of vegan cooking. It’s filled with easy recipes anyone can make, even after a long day when you don’t feel like cooking. The recipes have no complex techniques or obscure ingredients. Many can be made from ingredients you already have sitting in your refrigerator or pantry. What it does include is a whole bunch of delicious, hearty, satisfying, melt-in-your-mouth good vegan recipes that don’t take all day to make, and don’t leave you hungry an hour later. Vegan Success includes tried and true, select recipes that actually work.

Available from online retailers like

happy hound coverHappy Hound: Develop a Great Relationship with Your Adopted Dog or Puppy
by Susan C. Daffron
ISBN: 978-0-9749245-2-6; LCCN-2006909898

When you adopt a dog or puppy, you are thrust into a strange new world where you don’t even speak the language. In Happy Hound, you’ll learn solutions to everyday problems dog owners face. Unlike breed-specific or veterinary books, Happy Hound is tailored to the special needs and issues related to living with a rescued puppy or dog. Many shelters give you a packet of information, but especially at smaller shelters they just can’t afford either the time or money to provide a lot of information. Happy Hound is designed to fill that need. Plus, if you’ve ever read a dog book where you wondered if the author ever even owned a dog, you’ll find Happy Hound a refreshing change. The book is filled with sidebars and anecdotes about the antics of the author’s gang of four dogs. You’ll never be left feeling like your dog is “really different” from anything you’ve read. Even though every dog is special, no dog is perfect!

Available from online retailers like

Note: the cover features Susan’s dog Cami.

happy tabby coverHappy Tabby: Develop a Great Relationship with Your Adopted Cat or Kitten
by Susan C. Daffron
ISBN: 978-0-9749245-3-3; LCCN-2007906436

If you adopted your cat or kitten from an animal shelter, your new kitty has a past. You don’t know where she has been or the experiences she had before. Cats may seem mysterious and unpredictable to you, but the truth is that to a cat, everything she does makes sense. Once you understand feline motivations, you can more easily solve problems that arise. Happy Tabby is based on reality. Cats aren’t machines, and Happy Tabby embraces the unique aspects of living with a cat, along with personal anecdotes featuring the author’s two weird and wonderful felines. Written in a low-key, easy to understand style, this book is filled with practical advice on raising a cat or kitten you can live with for years to come.

Available from online retailers like

Note: The cover features Susan’s cat Troi.


Gone but not forgotten. You may still be able to find used copies at Amazon.

publishize coverPublishize: How to Quickly and Affordably Self-Publish a Book That Promotes Your Expertise
by Susan C. Daffron
ISBN: 978-0-9749245-8-8; LCCN-2008910208

If you are business owner, coach, author, or speaker, writing a book is the best way to demonstrate your expertise. Getting a traditional book-publishing contract is difficult and time-consuming, so many people opt to self-publish. If you’re new to publishing, the process can seem complex. Publishize details a cost-effective method to quickly self-publish a book.  In Publishize, you will find information on all the ins and outs of print-on-demand printing (without the subsidy press stigma) and get an overview of the latest online book marketing methods.

Available online retailers like

Awards: Named winner in “Writing and Publishing” category and Finalist in the “How” To category in the 2009 Indie Book Awards. Also won a 2009 Apex Award of Excellence in the Books & Ebooks category.

web business success coverWeb Business Success: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Web Sites that Work
by Susan C. Daffron and James H. Byrd
ISBN: 978-0-9749245-0-2; LCCN-2006909228

If you’ve thought about starting an online business or augmenting your existing business with an online presence, you’ve probably been assaulted by hype. Web Business Success: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Web Sites That Work cuts through the clutter with the proven strategies and techniques you need to know to earn a decent income online. It’s like having your own ecommerce consultant right by your side, explaining things in straightforward terms, without a lot of “geek speak.” The advice is based on the authors’ real-world experience in advising clients, creating Web sites, and operating their own online businesses since 1997.

Available from online retailers like

57 Secrets book series57 Secrets Series of Books

The 57 Secrets series of books are designed to give busy entrepreneurs the best and most useful secrets, tips, and advice about a topic they can use in their business.

These easy-to-read books are written by expert authors for small business owners on the go. Instead of focusing on pages of theory, the books are action-oriented with specific strategies and techniques you can use right away.

Visit the 57 Secrets area of this site to learn more about the individual titles.

lt_4books_smThe Logical Tips Series
by Susan C. Daffron

For more than seven years, Susan Daffron delivered helpful computing tips to subscribers of the weekly Logical Tips Newsletter. The articles were also syndicated in newspapers and online.

Now the tips have been updated, revised, and compiled into four books, so you can keep this valuable information right at your fingertips!

All four titles are available from online retailers like Visit the Logical Guides site to read more about the series.